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What to Keep In Mind When Designing A T-Shirt For Your Brand

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If you are starting up a small business, or you are thinking of launching your own fashion label – merchandise is a great way to build rapport with new customers as they will identify with your brand. What’s more, this can be a cost-effective way to easily generate profit as t-shirt printing through professionals will speed along the process. Here at Ainsley Signs, we have worked with a wide range of businesses, so we like to think we know a thing or two about the essentials of t-shirt printing and branding. With this in mind, below, we have collated together what you should keep in mind when designing a T-shirt for your brand.


One of the main things you need to take into consideration is copyright – as failure to do so could leave you in an expensive court battle. UK Copyright laws detail that artistic owners can have control over where their designs can be produced. The issue is is that many artists will take some form of inspiration from one another yet will pass it off as their own original design. This is why there have been many copyright battles in history. So, keep this in mind when designing your T-shirt – is it truly original, or is it too similar to other t-shirts that you have seen from other designers?


Now that you have considered copyright, the next and vitally most important thing to consider when designing a t-shirt for your brand is the design. Will you be designing a logo or piece of artwork yourself, or will you hire an illustrator to do this for you? Plus, what will your design be? Creating a vast mood board or mindmap before deciding on a final design is a great place to start. Include colours, slogans, your business philosophy and other design elements that will stand out on the shelf.


Similarly to choosing the t-shirt design, you also need to consider the colour of the t-shirt you are printing and what your target market would want when they see the t-shirt. For instance, if your brand is promoting positivity and happiness – then a yellow or orange t-shirt would be perfect. However, if you want a classic t-shirt that will sell out year after year – then black, white or grey fabric is far more fitting as it appeals to a wider variety of genders and ages.

Here at Ainsley Signs, we offer T-shirt printing as well as a wide range of other services including exhibition signs, vinyl lettering and many more. To find out more about our variety of services, simply contact us today.

Four Visual Merchandising Tips To Make Your Shop Windows Stand Out in Manchester

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Making your business stand out to others is no easy feat, especially as the streets of Manchester are dominated with shops and businesses of every type and description. One of the best ways to increase footfall in your business is to design an intriguing and compelling window display.

Stunning window displays have become a cornerstone of legendary luxury department stores like Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, generating crowds of people to flock to their stores to take pictures all year round. This is largely down to the artistic and flamboyant nature of these displays.

Although this scale may not be able to be achieved on a small brand budget – it shows just how vital a good window display is for promoting brand awareness and increasing customers. With this in mind, we have put together four visual merchandising tips to make your shop windows stand out amongst the bustling streets of Manchester.

Plan Ahead

One of the most important tips in designing the perfect window display is actually planning ahead. A well thought out window display will certainly make potential customer’s heads turn in the street, and a messy display could do the same but for the wrong reasons. Think about your window displays months in advance and change them every new season (a minimum four times a year). This is because passersby may become blind to a shop window that they have seen many times before – therefore a fresh and new window display is more likely to capture their attention.

Create a Theme

Creating a narrative or theme with your window display is a great way to not only catch the eye of persons in the street, but also, it can coincide with the theme of your products. For example, if you are a start-up fashion label and your collection is whimsical and feminine, display motifs that associate with this like butterflies, flowers and pastel tones.

Have Multiple Layers of Height

The last thing you want when you have planned out a window display is for it to seem dull and flat. This is why you need to make the display dynamic. One of the ways to do this is by creating multiple layers of height, having your products hung, shown, stood or sat on different podiums that are ranging from eye level upwards will make your window display feel unique, and if they like the products on show – then they will certainly step inside to find them.

Consider Window Graphics

Window graphics are a great way to have your business standing out amongst the others on the street. Whether you are wanting to display exciting new stock, or you have a sale on – window graphics are a great option to increase footfall into your business. Make sure that your window graphics align with your businesses branding – whether that in a certain font or colourway – to keep consistency throughout.

Here at Ainsley Signs, we pride ourselves on producing eye-catching and bold window graphics for a range of businesses around Manchester and beyond. To find out more about us, simply contact us today.

Vehicle Graphics To Magnetic Signs: 10 Creative Ways To Promote Your Business On The Road

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It really isn’t possible to overstate the vital importance of marketing and promotion for the success of a business operation. Without this element of an organisation, you’ll never effectively communicate with your audience and get them to buy your products or services.

At the crux of marketing is the process of selling your products and communicating your brand effectively to customers. This can be done using a number of different strategies such as advertising, product design, research, customer loyalty programmes and sales pattern analysis.

As well as identifying and defining the needs of the customer, effective marketing can help to create needs within a customer base. By thoroughly understanding your audience and knowing how to communicate with them effectively, you can simultaneously create desire amongst consumers and then placate that desire with your product.

One of the oldest, and still effective, forms of advertising is ‘out of home advertising’. This style of advertising encompasses everything that you will see outside of the home, such as advertisements at bus stops, train stations and billboards. This style of advertising is high frequency with lots of exposure for the audience, it can be striking, trustworthy and, if you want, it can be highly targeted to a specific location.

Also in this category of ‘out of home’ marketing is car signage. This is a form of advertising which consumers don’t move to, but which moves to consumers. Here we describe a few creative ways to promote your business on the go.

Magnetic Vehicle Signage

Having your branding noticed out and about in the public is crucial to the expansion of your business and the success of your marketing strategy. Whether you’re a big corporation or a small business, getting your branding on the road through magnetic vehicle signage is an excellent place to start.

In particular, if you are a sole trader who has only just started your business, magnetic signs could be just what you need. As these signs are semi-permanent, they allow you to turn your family car into a work vehicle in no time at all. So, when you’re just starting out and you can’t afford to have a dedicated work vehicle just yet, you can make the most of your family car with a magnetic sign.

Van Graphics

Van signs made of graphics are a much more permanent option, but reach the same marketing goals as a magnetic sign. By using a long-lasting vinyl, these high-quality signs can totally transform the look of a vehicle and create a moving marketing machine. The option of full and partial van wraps are guaranteed to catch the attention of the public, are long-lasting, low maintenance and high impact. Certainly, these are more suited for established businesses, but are a perfect step up after magnetic signs.

Car Signwriting

Car signwriting is a perfect middle-ground between magnetic signs and full van graphics. Although permanent just like graphics, signwriting is not as bold as a part van wrap. If you have a particularly attention-grabbing font, then incorporating that into your vehicle can be a fantastic marketing tool. You could even include signwriting as a part of a more comprehensive van wrap.

Personalised Number Plates

Using a bit of creativity, creating a bespoke number plate for your commercial vehicle can be a humorous and attention-grabbing way of marketing your company on the road. For example, if you own a construction or repair company, your number plate could be ‘WE F1X’ or if you own an ice-cream van you could go with ‘1CED’.

The benefits of doing this is that, in conjunction with other vehicle signage, a personalised number plate has the potential to make the customer laugh and, once you’ve done that, you’ll have a much deeper connection with them than any of your competitors.

A Band on The Road

Stepping away from signage and graphics, creating a bespoke vehicle in which a band can play as the branded vehicle drives around town is a sure-fire way to get people wondering what your business is. By creating a transparent box or even totally removing the sidewalls from a van, you’ll be able to blast your companies jingle out around your chosen target location.

This represents a far more inclusive, experiential form of marketing than simply having a sign on your car. Although that is crucial, making a noise and giving the local residents something to talk about will set you apart from the rest.

Recreate a Famous Vehicle

Recreating an instantly recognisable vehicle and using it to market your own organisation is perfect when trying to catch attention. If you’re a pest control company, you could loosely ape the ghostbusters Cadillac ambulance and change the logo and title to represent the pests you exterminate. Other ideas could be to replicate the original Batmobile or DeLorean from the Batman and Back To The Future Films. Connecting yourself as a business to these cultural touchpoints can help to generate trust and a more personal relationship with your customers.

Samples on The Go

If you’re an emerging restaurant just starting in your local area, one of your very best marketing tools is the food itself. So, with that in mind, samples are always an excellent way to generate hype, get people tasting your food and starting to build a customer base.

By driving around the area that you have opened up shop and stopping intermittently in areas with heavy footfall at crucial parts of the day (before work, during lunch and after work) you’ll be able to disseminate your samples effectively, tactically and also get your branding out there too.

Sponsor a Racecar

This is a much more grandiose idea for those businesses with a bit more cash swilling about, but sponsoring a car racing in a local, national or international race is a great way to get your brand in front of thousands – maybe even millions – of people. By planting your logo on a racecar, you can align your business with a very exciting sport with an active and engaged audience. Through research, if you discover that your target audience and the audience of a specific race seem to match, this could be a great way to win them over.

Tactically Place a Billboard

Finally, by printing huge billboards and placing them strategically around areas that you know your audience are likely to be driving in or out from in their cars, you can slowly start to get their attention. Billboards on inbound and outbound routes for commuters are high-frequency which means that your marketing message will be able to reach a large and relevant audience on a daily basis – maybe even twice a day.

Ainsley Signs: Your Chosen Sign Makers in Manchester

At Ainsley Signs, we have been providing our signage services to the businesses of Manchester and beyond since 1952. Working with some of the UK’s biggest firms, we are experts in providing high-quality signs for the construction, retail and advertising industry. If you’re looking for custom signs in Manchester, look no further.

We provide high-quality products and some of the best customer services around to the clients that we work with and always endeavour to complete a project on time and to an excellent standard. The business signs we have worked on have been used by some of the most significant firms in the country.

To find out more, contact us today. You can find us at Ainsley Signs Corporate Limited, Unit 2 John Lee Fold, Middleton, Manchester, M24 2LR, call us on 0161 653 4175 or email us at

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