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The History of Road Signs

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Here we have an interesting infographic from the car hire company Europcar that provides lots of information about the history of road signs. The timeline starts off in 27 BC when the Romans erected milestones showing the distance to Rome and goes all the way through to modern times when even though lots of people have GPS road signs are still very important. Read More

How Not To Make a Sign

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Here we have a fun blog post that takes a look at some hilarious signs gone wrong due to bad letter spacing. Check out these funny shop signs that can be easily misinterpreted possibly because of automatic kerning, which is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters. Read More

The Benefits of Signs

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Here we have a great quality infographic from the people at the Utah based sign makers that is packed with statistics about the benefits of having quality signs for your business. The infographic is broken down into sections including signs bring in new customers, signs increase profits, what signage can do for you and more. Read More

Top 10 Famous Signs in the World

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Here we have a fantastic infographic from the Florida based sign company called Signarama providing information about some of the most famous signs from around the World.  Learn about the welcome to fabulous Las Vegas sign, the London Underground signs, the Route 66 road signs and more by checking out this great looking piece. Read More

Vehicle Graphics the Touring Sales Team

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If your company vehicle is merely a transportation device that gets you from A to B, then you are missing out on the most mobile, far-reaching, print advertising opportunity available to you. In accordance with marketing experts, Vehicle graphics/wraps/branding/decals are one of the best ways of marketing businesses and has little to no downsides, and with the average person driving 6,488 miles a year, the number of people vehicle graphics can reach and the effect is endless. Read More

Why the Winter Blues Will Ruin Your Business

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Sitting here at my desk in Manchester, I can see it, creeping out from behind Beetham tower, I could be wrong but, no it is, The Sun! That’s right ladies and gentleman it’s that time of year where the sun is trying to shine, birds are awake at 5am singing on your windowsill and people are stocking up on antihistamines, you guessed it, it’s springtime, and in the same way, the world is refreshing itself, it may be time for your corporate signage to undergo some spring cleaning.
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Ainsley Signs supplies and produces a vast range of exhibition signage that can be shipped throughout the UK for use at your next exhibition

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Exhibition Signs are the signs used at exhibitions to promote and market a businesses brand. Exhibitions are group gatherings where people take their business in the hope of attracting new clients or possibly even new employees, but to do this successfully your business needs to be presented in the most professional and appropriate way possible. Ainsley Signs pride themselves on their high-quality products and their even higher quality customer service. Ainsley Signs has, for nearly 60 years, been creating signage for companies up and down the UK, and they can thank their dedication to providing top quality service to their long run in the business. Read More

Ainsley Signs manufactures top of the range professional directional signage to be used on your premises available throughout the UK

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Directional signage is the signage found on the premises of a business that instruct the general public on how to navigate their way around the site. Does your business have large premises? or  perhaps your business is made up of several buildings or the height of your business impacts your city’s skyline, whatever the case maybe Ainsley Signs is here to help by creating the perfect directional signage for your business. In some businesses, it is a matter of crucial health and safety to have directional signs that tell the public where to go, and in other businesses, it is a way of cutting down the amount of time spent looking for lost clients. Read More

T-Shirt Printing UK: Ideas for Eye-catching Designs

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Hardly anyone wears plain shirts. Hence, printed shirts sell much more than plain shirts. Prints offer creativity. They are a form of expression. In fact, there’s a burgeoning market for statement shirts and T-shirt printing. UK tees indeed have evolved from simply clothing articles to mediums of expression. If you want to design your own shirts or have someone else design it, taking a few things in consideration is worth your time. Read More