Four Visual Merchandising Tips To Make Your Shop Windows Stand Out in Manchester

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Making your business stand out to others is no easy feat, especially as the streets of Manchester are dominated with shops and businesses of every type and description. One of the best ways to increase footfall in your business is to design an intriguing and compelling window display.

Stunning window displays have become a cornerstone of legendary luxury department stores like Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, generating crowds of people to flock to their stores to take pictures all year round. This is largely down to the artistic and flamboyant nature of these displays.

Although this scale may not be able to be achieved on a small brand budget – it shows just how vital a good window display is for promoting brand awareness and increasing customers. With this in mind, we have put together four visual merchandising tips to make your shop windows stand out amongst the bustling streets of Manchester.

Plan Ahead

One of the most important tips in designing the perfect window display is actually planning ahead. A well thought out window display will certainly make potential customer’s heads turn in the street, and a messy display could do the same but for the wrong reasons. Think about your window displays months in advance and change them every new season (a minimum four times a year). This is because passersby may become blind to a shop window that they have seen many times before – therefore a fresh and new window display is more likely to capture their attention.

Create a Theme

Creating a narrative or theme with your window display is a great way to not only catch the eye of persons in the street, but also, it can coincide with the theme of your products. For example, if you are a start-up fashion label and your collection is whimsical and feminine, display motifs that associate with this like butterflies, flowers and pastel tones.

Have Multiple Layers of Height

The last thing you want when you have planned out a window display is for it to seem dull and flat. This is why you need to make the display dynamic. One of the ways to do this is by creating multiple layers of height, having your products hung, shown, stood or sat on different podiums that are ranging from eye level upwards will make your window display feel unique, and if they like the products on show – then they will certainly step inside to find them.

Consider Window Graphics

Window graphics are a great way to have your business standing out amongst the others on the street. Whether you are wanting to display exciting new stock, or you have a sale on – window graphics are a great option to increase footfall into your business. Make sure that your window graphics align with your businesses branding – whether that in a certain font or colourway – to keep consistency throughout.

Here at Ainsley Signs, we pride ourselves on producing eye-catching and bold window graphics for a range of businesses around Manchester and beyond. To find out more about us, simply contact us today.

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