Ainsley Signs supplies and produces a vast range of exhibition signage that can be shipped throughout the UK for use at your next exhibition

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Exhibition Signs are the signs used at exhibitions to promote and market a businesses brand. Exhibitions are group gatherings where people take their business in the hope of attracting new clients or possibly even new employees, but to do this successfully your business needs to be presented in the most professional and appropriate way possible. Ainsley Signs pride themselves on their high-quality products and their even higher quality customer service. Ainsley Signs has, for nearly 60 years, been creating signage for companies up and down the UK, and they can thank their dedication to providing top quality service to their long run in the business. Read More

Ainsley Signs manufactures top of the range professional directional signage to be used on your premises available throughout the UK

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Directional signage is the signage found on the premises of a business that instruct the general public on how to navigate their way around the site. Does your business have large premises? or  perhaps your business is made up of several buildings or the height of your business impacts your city’s skyline, whatever the case maybe Ainsley Signs is here to help by creating the perfect directional signage for your business. In some businesses, it is a matter of crucial health and safety to have directional signs that tell the public where to go, and in other businesses, it is a way of cutting down the amount of time spent looking for lost clients. Read More

T-Shirt Printing UK: Ideas for Eye-catching Designs

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Hardly anyone wears plain shirts. Hence, printed shirts sell much more than plain shirts. Prints offer creativity. They are a form of expression. In fact, there’s a burgeoning market for statement shirts and T-shirt printing. UK tees indeed have evolved from simply clothing articles to mediums of expression. If you want to design your own shirts or have someone else design it, taking a few things in consideration is worth your time. Read More

Screen T-Shirt Printing UK: 6 Easy Steps

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Silk screen printing is one of the old ways to do T-shirt printing. UK T-shirt designers still do this despite the popularity of digital printing. Beginners can do this with just a few inexpensive materials.

Step 1: Get everything you need.

You need a screen and frame, photo emulsion and sensitizer, latex gloves, silk screen fabric ink, and a piece of cardboard. You also need a light bulk (preferably 250 watts). A dark room is essential.

Step 2: Make the image.

The image is the aspect of T-shirt printing UK artists consider most importantly. Beginners should start simple. Avoid fine detail or thin lines or anything that is difficult to work on a shirt. You can use photo editing software to create your image. You want a black image, which you need to print out on a transparency paper. The black image blocks out the light. Read More

Digital Printing

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download (3)Digital Printing is the printing of a digital base image directly onto a variety of media platforms. Digital Printing is one of the most proven methods for advertising for every type of business out there. The great thing about digital printing is that the turnaround time is almost nonexistent as you can print nearly anything without having to worry about the technical difficulties of offset printing methods. Printing is viewed by many as the dying form of marketing, with much of today’s marketing being switched to focus mainly or solely on digital marketing. However at Ainsley Signs, they believe that printing is as important today as it was 50 years ago, and many of their happy customers would agree. Read More

Ainsley Signs supplies and produces a range of professional corporate signage based in manchester but can service the whole of the UK

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download (6)Ainsley Signs is one of the longest running and leading sign manufacturers in the North West and provide signage to many big national companies in the UK, one of their most requested services is the manufacturing of corporate signage for businesses and schools. Corporate Signage refers to signs found around businesses, that present prospective clients with the name, the style, and branding of the business. For over 50 years Ainsley signs have provided signs to businesses throughout the UK, and they can thank their dedication to providing upstanding and professional services and products for their longevity in the business.

Aluminium_Railing_BannersIf you already have a business, or you are preparing to start your own business, it is important to be aware of how signage can affect your business, if it is done correctly then your corporate signage will help your business stand out as professional and serious against the boring backdrop of the usual signage that appears outside of businesses up and down the UK. Read More

Ainsley Signs Machester

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logo (1)Ainsley signs are one of Manchester’s leading signs companies, and thanks to the unified efforts of brothers Ian and Stewart Ainsley, the company has been running for over 50 years and has been able to supply signage to not only Manchester but to the rest of the UK as well. Despite being first opened as a small family run sign making a company in 1957, Ainsley Signs is very much in the present and hold themselves to the highest of standards, implementing the newest printing services and guaranteeing a professional finish to all products.

When the company started, they were a small Manchester business with only one premise, now with two premises totalling 20,000 sq ft of workspace, 20 plus staff and their own private fleet of vehicles equipped with any type of job. And thanks to Ainsley Signs origins as a family run business, at the heart of the operations there is a code of ethics that ensure that customers get the best experience possible, which they do by offering a full range of consultancy and support services. Read More