Screen T-Shirt Printing UK: 6 Easy Steps

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Silk screen printing is one of the old ways to do T-shirt printing. UK T-shirt designers still do this despite the popularity of digital printing. Beginners can do this with just a few inexpensive materials.

Step 1: Get everything you need.

You need a screen and frame, photo emulsion and sensitizer, latex gloves, silk screen fabric ink, and a piece of cardboard. You also need a light bulk (preferably 250 watts). A dark room is essential.

Step 2: Make the image.

The image is the aspect of T-shirt printing UK artists consider most importantly. Beginners should start simple. Avoid fine detail or thin lines or anything that is difficult to work on a shirt. You can use photo editing software to create your image. You want a black image, which you need to print out on a transparency paper. The black image blocks out the light. Read More