What to Keep In Mind When Designing A T-Shirt For Your Brand

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If you are starting up a small business, or you are thinking of launching your own fashion label – merchandise is a great way to build rapport with new customers as they will identify with your brand. What’s more, this can be a cost-effective way to easily generate profit as t-shirt printing through professionals will speed along the process. Here at Ainsley Signs, we have worked with a wide range of businesses, so we like to think we know a thing or two about the essentials of t-shirt printing and branding. With this in mind, below, we have collated together what you should keep in mind when designing a T-shirt for your brand.


One of the main things you need to take into consideration is copyright – as failure to do so could leave you in an expensive court battle. UK Copyright laws detail that artistic owners can have control over where their designs can be produced. The issue is is that many artists will take some form of inspiration from one another yet will pass it off as their own original design. This is why there have been many copyright battles in history. So, keep this in mind when designing your T-shirt – is it truly original, or is it too similar to other t-shirts that you have seen from other designers?


Now that you have considered copyright, the next and vitally most important thing to consider when designing a t-shirt for your brand is the design. Will you be designing a logo or piece of artwork yourself, or will you hire an illustrator to do this for you? Plus, what will your design be? Creating a vast mood board or mindmap before deciding on a final design is a great place to start. Include colours, slogans, your business philosophy and other design elements that will stand out on the shelf.


Similarly to choosing the t-shirt design, you also need to consider the colour of the t-shirt you are printing and what your target market would want when they see the t-shirt. For instance, if your brand is promoting positivity and happiness – then a yellow or orange t-shirt would be perfect. However, if you want a classic t-shirt that will sell out year after year – then black, white or grey fabric is far more fitting as it appeals to a wider variety of genders and ages.

Here at Ainsley Signs, we offer T-shirt printing as well as a wide range of other services including exhibition signs, vinyl lettering and many more. To find out more about our variety of services, simply contact us today.

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