Digital Printing

By March 31, 2016Blog, News


download (3)Digital Printing is the printing of a digital base image directly onto a variety of media platforms. Digital Printing is one of the most proven methods for advertising for every type of business out there. The great thing about digital printing is that the turnaround time is almost nonexistent as you can print nearly anything without having to worry about the technical difficulties of offset printing methods. Printing is viewed by many as the dying form of marketing, with much of today’s marketing being switched to focus mainly or solely on digital marketing. However at Ainsley Signs, they believe that printing is as important today as it was 50 years ago, and many of their happy customers would agree.

For over 50 years Ainsley Signs has provided signage throughout the UK, and have become one of the biggest sign manufacturers in the North West, with two premises equalling over 20,000 sq ft of workspace, 20 plus trained staff and a private fleet of vans, equipped for any job, Ainsley Signs has the right signage to suit all your needs even if you yourself are not yet aware of these needs. Despite Ainsley Signs many years in the business, they are very much of the present and implement only the newest of technology to help build your perfect sign.


Digital Printing is one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to promote your business or an event that your enterprise is hosting, despite the growing amount of people relying mainly on digital marketing to boost the visibility of their business, Ainsley Signs remains confident that traditional marketing methods are still as relevant today as they always were. However they are thankful that many large companies are switching their focus to digital marketing, as there is more room than ever for their clients digital printing to be displayed in prime locations, which have the potential to reach all kinds of different demographics including the over 60 demographic, who are likely to not see a digital marketing campaign as statistically the over 60 demographic uses the internet the least.

Digital printing is not only used for advertising but is also used as a way to introduce a recognisable style and brand for your business before it has even opened. This can be seen by looking at Ainsley Sign’ client Gotham Hotel, Manchester, who during their construction wanted to introduce the theme and branding that the hotel would offer. So they went to Ainsley Signs and had several large digital printing made and placed around the construction site and around the Manchester city centre, featuring gold and black as the two main colours introducing the dark, yet luxurious feel that the Gotham Hotel would soon be offering.

Ainsley Signs offers digital printing as one of their services and using theirs in-house wide format machines, Roland VS 640i, Roland EJ 640 and their Roland SP 300V they will print your design directly onto paper, self-adhesive vinyl, Heavy duty grey back, PVC banners and wallpaper.easy monthly budget plannerмеждународные жд перевозки