How Can T-Shirt Printing Improve Your Business?

By October 8, 2019Blog

Having a staff uniform can make your team appear smart and professional. Whether it’s establishing a dress code or offering your staff a uniform budget so they can wear the clothes in your retail business, uniforms are a great way of showing your brand to customers. Alternatively, why not have t-shirts printed for a special promotion, event or simply as a marketing tool?

Read on to learn how t-shirt printing can benefit your business.


T-shirts are a great way of gaining exposure for your business. As your staff commute to work or walk around town on their lunch breaks, this is free advertising for you – making your logo recognisable and informing the public about a special promotion or sale, in a non-invasive way. Being worn across the city, this could bring in new customers and help retain old ones.


Are you having a mid-season sale? Is your store ready to launch its Christmas sale? Whatever it is you want to show off, it can be printed on a t-shirt for your staff to wear. Keep the t-shirt simple, with clear font and bright eye-catching colours. In a large store, t-shirts can alert your customers of your deals when your store is busy – this visual cue will keep them in the loop. In smaller stores, t-shirts can be a great conversation starter, giving your team a way of easily informing customers about promotions, new products or seasonal offers.


Attending industry events is a great way of gaining a new customer base. Simply walking around in a well-designed t-shirt can provide you with the exposure you need. But you could also give t-shirts away in a goodie bag – having the t-shirt in their home will act as a reminder, and will increase the chances of them visiting your website, store or finding out more. Additionally, wearing the t-shirt is again free advertising for you and can spark conversation between their family and friends.


If you’re buying in bulk, t-shirt printing can be very affordable. If they’re being worn every day, this is a great investment and perfect for those with a small marketing budget, looking for an effective solution.

Here at Ainsley Signs, based in Manchester, we specialise in a range of printing services, including sings, stickers, vehicles graphics and t-shirt printing. If you’re looking for a way of getting your business out there, we can help. Contact us today for more information.