T-Shirt Printing UK: Ideas for Eye-catching Designs

By April 7, 2016Blog


Hardly anyone wears plain shirts. Hence, printed shirts sell much more than plain shirts. Prints offer creativity. They are a form of expression. In fact, there’s a burgeoning market for statement shirts and T-shirt printing. UK tees indeed have evolved from simply clothing articles to mediums of expression. If you want to design your own shirts or have someone else design it, taking a few things in consideration is worth your time.

1. Have a concept.

Treat T-shirt printing like a form of art (because it is a form of art). Like any artwork, it needs a concept. Even random artwork starts with an idea. Ideas don’t have to take a lot of contemplation. Most people don’t

spend a lot of time digging into their brains for shirt printing design ideas. You can start with things you like. Do you like comic books? Do you like pets? Do you have advocacies? That’s where you start building your ideas.

2. Visualize the design.

Art begins with visualizing your concept. You can’t design your shirts without thinking what your design would look like on that tee. By visualizing you estimate how big the figures or prints would be. Would you make statement prints on a huge part of the shirt? Where on the shirt would you place the desired image? Basically, it’s your creative discretion that matters in this case.

3. Make sketches.

Whether you’re doing your own T-shirt printing or you’re working with an artist, you should come up with sketches for your ideas at the outset. If you’re working with an artist or a T-shirt printing company, ask for initial sketches. Make adjustments when necessary.

4. Strive for balance.

Sometimes you have a lot of things you want to be on the final product, but a shirt isn’t a large canvas. You can’t possibly put everything on it. Striving for balance between detail and presentation can be daunting in the process of T-shirt printing UK artists do.

The mistake is to put every detail you want that everything looks unrecognizable from a distance. Remember, shirt prints are meant to be appreciated from a few feet away. Only your friends would look close enough. So if your shirt looks like an abstract mosaic from 5 feet away, maybe you’re crowing too many things into the design.

While you don’t want the print to look like a single formless blob, you also don’t like people to think someone printed a picture of a swarm of tiny crickets on your shirt.

You can talk with the artist regarding achieving the right balance between detail and presentation. This is important for shirts for organizations or events. Will you just post the company’s logo on the shirt, or will you order for a printing of its entire mission?

5. Check your colors.

There’s no excuse for outrageous color combinations, especially when you can see how it all looks like on a photo editing software. So if you’re wondering if you’re idea is worth a try, you can mess with a shirt you can spare. But a more convenient way to test your concept is on a computer, where you can waste nothing but maybe a few minutes.

See if the elements come together. See if the colors are in harmony. More importantly, paste the whole print design on an image of the shirt, and see if it goes well with the color of the shirt.

6. Look for trends.

Everyone loves trends. Whether you’re selling printed shirts or you’re designing your own, you can’t go wrong with what’s hot in the market. Naturalist designs are still in. If you’re a nature lover, you probably like images of leaves, forests, or lakes on your tee. There’s also a market for Gothic art, which doesn’t seem to go out of fashion. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the florals, and it doesn’t even matter whether you’re a guy or a girl.

Choose the trend you like and go with it. Flaunt your tee to your friends. Or design your customized shirts and start a business.

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