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By April 21, 2016Blog, News

If your company vehicle is merely a transportation device that gets you from A to B, then you are missing out on the most mobile, far-reaching, print advertising opportunity available to you. In accordance with marketing experts, Vehicle graphics/wraps/branding/decals are one of the best ways of marketing businesses and has little to no downsides, and with the average person driving 6,488 miles a year, the number of people vehicle graphics can reach and the effect is endless.

The idea of marking your vehicle to highlight and brand your business is not a new concept, and has been used since the use of carts were first produced in mass quantities, now obviously these weren’t million pound designs and in fact it was often just the company name and sometimes a painted slogan but it worked. When this was first done it was on a horse and cart meaning pedestrians could walk along with the cart until they got to the business premises, nowadays that wouldn’t work so well unless you’re stuck in congestion in London in which case the pedestrian would beat the car to the premises. But the limitations on what you can do to brand company cars and vans is only defined by the size of them and your imagination. The problem for many small businesses is that they can’t get their brand into an already saturated market, be it, getting a website made is too expensive or making it yourself is too difficult, whatever the case using company vehicles as a personalised billboard is one the most cost-effective ways of getting the company name out there, think about it whilst the car is stationary it is still promoting.

What are the Pros of Vehicle graphics?

Increased Brand Exposure: As before mentioned, having vehicles with your corporate imagery on it whilst traveling up and down the country increases your corporate exposure. People go with what they know, would you go to some new restaurant with a load of bizarre meals that google can’t even tell you about, or pizza hut, where you know exactly what you are going to get? Even if the public doesn’t know exactly what products you offer, knowing your name after seeing one of your vehicles is enough to sway their decision in your direction.

Trust: If you’ve ever googled something you want to buy, you’ll probably know the feeling of seeing an ugly website that is stuck in 1998 and not trusting it enough to make a purchase, whereas had it been professionally made with up to date themes, you’d have been more inclined to make a purchase. Well for vehicle graphics the car is the website and the graphics are the theme, by applying professional graphics you put trust into prospective clients, making them more inclined to use your service.

Superiority: Having a fleet of cars and vans with wraps and decals makes your brand look superior, whether it be a business with one office or a 13 floor complex it doesn’t matter, when pedestrians see a car with professional graphics they immediately assume your business has more knowledge on the industry and in turn creates a level of authoritative respect for your business, and the more authority your business gains the more clients you get and the more influence you get over the industry you work in.

Cost: What cost? Of course, there is the initial payment, but in comparison to other forms of print marketing available, vehicle graphics are made of self-adhesive vinyl, so in a sense, as long as the vehicle itself doesn’t get damaged neither should the graphic, and if you’re worried because you don’t have a garage, vinyl is waterproof, windproof and hail proof. Really the only type of downpour to worry about is a meteor shower, but you’ve got more to worry about than your graphics if that happens.

Are there any Cons involved with Vehicle graphics

As you may remember I said there was little to no negatives to go alongside Vehicle Graphics and to be honest I was being honest, however, there are some details to bear in mind.

Cost: What Cost? Like I said there is an initial cost to having the graphics put on the vehicle, and yes it is still cheaper than other forms of advertising. But if you are in the position of having an entire fleet, then the cost is going to be rather larger than just one. Don’t be discouraged either get only vehicles that are going to reach the most potential clients, e.g. employees who have to travel further or through built up areas to get home, or do them all gradually to keep the overhead at a minimum.

Aesthetic: if you intend on using vinyl graphics just remember that moment when you were a kid and you took your sticker from the dentist off, but instantly wanted it back on your school jumper, but it just wouldn’t work. Graphics are the same if the surface the vinyl is being applied to is rough, chipped, dirty, scratched or dented the vinyl will not hold and will leave your vehicle looking like a joke and in turn making your business look like a joke as well.

Return: there is no science as to when, where, or who this will work on, but it does work, the hard part comes when trying to track this. Unless you ask every single customer where they heard of you, you will likely never know the full extent of the effectiveness of your graphics and in turn the return on your investment.

Is the vehicle graphics right for my company?

Yes, they are.

Where can I get quality vehicle graphics from?

For nearly 60 years Ainsley Signs has provided signage for businesses up and down the UK, and have become one of the leading north-west companies in their field, with a total of 20,000 sq ft of workspace divided across their two locations, and a private fleet of vans fully equipped for any and all requirements, which is manned by their own highly trained staff. Despite their impressive tenure in the business, they are a modern company with only the newest up to date equipment at their disposal, which they now use in addition to their many other services to create top quality vehicle graphics. Which they will help design, create and fit for you.  

To read more about their  click Vehicle graphics or to request more information on their vehicle graphics contact them on 0161 643 2443 or Email them at