Window Graphics For Your Business: Are They Worth The Investment?

By October 8, 2019Blog

It goes without saying that windows are a crucial feature  of most properties or businesses. In a lot of cases, businesses tend to have a storefront or some kind of display area. With this in mind, it’s worth questioning, are you making the most of this area and utilising this? Using windows for more than a blank space is key to a successful business, window displays can be an artistic and an innovative way of using your windows to benefit your business.

From increasing the awareness of your brand, creating curiosity and a consistent store identity, window stickers are a highly versatile not to mention a cost-effective option for businesses.

A plain and boring shop front can easily get unnoticed on a typical high street full of busy crowds and other retail competitors. Customers often walk straight past these retail wallflowers and opt for more exciting-looking shops with window graphics and eye-catching slogans.

Making a good impression should be of utmost importance for business owners looking to increase their clientbase and attracting new customers; relying merely on a simple sign just won’t be enough in today’s competitive business world, where customers are inundated by choice and often in a hurry.

If you’re seeking a better way to attract passing trade, you’ll be pleased to know there is a simple solution: window stickers. Here are seven key benefits of using these high-definition graphics.

With this in mind, let’s look at some advantages of how window graphics can improve your business and see if they are really worth the investment.

Creating more awareness of your business

Marketing isn’t always designed to drive a direct sale. In a large number of cases, the aim is to just get your brand or company name out there. The amount to which the public is familiar with your brand is classified as brand awareness.

Your brand epitomises so much more than just your brand name. The types of goods or services you provide, any logos or slogans attached to your company and your company’s core values are all part of your brand.

Familiarising your customers with your business is crucial

This step is important if you want people to think of your company when they have a need for a  product or service that your company has to offer. The ideal scenario is that you want your company to be the first one to come to mind. So with this in mind, how can window graphics help you increase brand awareness?

Putting colourful, clear graphics on a window that includes your company’s name, logo or any other aspects of your brand is a good strategy for getting your business name out there.

Anyone who walks or drives past your place of business will see a display that epitomises or at least indicates your business. Since you can expect many more people to pass by day after day, seeing your window graphic over and over again can be an ideal way to reinforce brand awareness.

It is also of utmost importance to consider that brand awareness should not just be a concern for profit-based businesses. Other types of organizations, such as nonprofit charities or religious organizations, should also be concerned with raising awareness for their cause or what they do.

You should think of this cause as your brand. To get people involved with your organization, they need to know you exist. No matter what type of business you run or a part of, getting your brand out there is highly important, the way to do this is with quality eye-catching window graphics.

Indicate where your business is located

Not only does a window graphic help you to familiarize potential customers with your business but it is also in a way to let people know where you’re based. Many businesses have a sign above their door, so you may be thinking, are window graphics a good way to show people where you’re located?

There are two key reasons why window graphics provide a real advantage when it comes to showing people the location of your business. One is that, while a sign above your door may be visible from a distance, people walking down the sidewalk or across the parking lot directly in front of your building may not be able to see it.

To get the attention of passers-by and people walking by your building, you need some signage which is located at eye level. Window graphics are the perfect way to let passersby know where your business is situated.

The other key reason that a window graphic is an effective way of raising awareness for your business’s location is because it allows for a greater level of customisation in relation to a typical sign. Where a sign above the door will likely only feature your name or maybe your logo, a window graphic can include much more than just text and imagery to communicate what you do and why someone should make the choice to step inside or return at another time to take advantage of the products or services on offer.

Letting potential customers know about sales or any promotions

Have you walked past a shop and seen that they had a sale? For most of us, this probably increases the likelihood of you stopping to look around. It’s pretty common knowledge that sales and promotions benefit businesses. That’s why they are frequently a crucial part of almost all retail business’s marketing plans.

Whether it’s an end of season sale, a special discount or a special promotion on a particular product,  discounts can attract both new and returning customers to visit your business. Also, they are more likely to spend more money when they come in for a sale than they would otherwise.

Opportune marketing platform

Effective advertising comes down to getting the highest return on your investment possible. In other words, for an ad to be successful, it should drive an increase in revenue that exceeds the amount spent on the ad. The less an ad costs, and the more it leads to successful conversions, the better. Unfortunately, with most types of advertisements, there are many additional costs that come later on.

You have to invest time and money into creating an advertisement.

This is the reality for both online advertising and in physical ads. Whether the advert is in a newspaper or a billboard – you have to pay for the space and in some cases, you’ll be charged hundreds or even thousands of pounds depending on the location. In some cases, you may also have to pay a fee for a permit.

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