Why the Winter Blues Will Ruin Your Business

By April 21, 2016Blog

Sitting here at my desk in Manchester, I can see it, creeping out from behind Beetham tower, I could be wrong but, no it is, The Sun! That’s right ladies and gentleman it’s that time of year where the sun is trying to shine, birds are awake at 5am singing on your windowsill and people are stocking up on antihistamines, you guessed it, it’s springtime, and in the same way, the world is refreshing itself, it may be time for your corporate signage to undergo some spring cleaning.

As we all know winter of 2015 was a soggy one, with towns up and down the UK being submerged in 4-6 feet of water, winds as fast as 60mph and hail with the force of a bullet train. Now with the increasing amount of hours we spend per day in the light, the reality of the damage caused by last winter is sinking in.

Many businesses that were hit by the Boxing Day floods are finally starting to get the inside of their business’ looking normal and getting sales back up and running, however, the scars left across the UK’s high streets are still very visible. If your corporate signage was hit by the bad weather, now is the time to get them updated and shake off the winter blues. For many small high street businesses, corporate signage is the only form of marketing they employee and allowing this to become disheveled makes prospective clients do not want to use their services.

Signs are your 24/7/365 marketing strategy, they are the first part of your business, anyone will see, in the world of corporate signage the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ does not apply. Even if your products are better than the leading retailers in the field, with poor signage customers assume the same of the companies produce. 2016 is the year of change, leave the damage and water logged drama of 2015 behind.

Even if your business wasn’t affected by the torrential downpours, it may still be time to update your corporate signage, even if you think it’s in the same condition it was when you first bought it, the likelihood is unless purchased in the past few years it has begun aging, and for signs that means fading. Allowing them to fade is the same as allowing yourself to be less visible, it reduces the number of people who will use your service and thereby reduce the financial intake of the business. Meaning that, by the time you want to update it you don’t have the funds to do so.

Ainsley Signs is one of northern England’s leading manufacturers and designers of corporate signage, with one year to go until their 60th birthday, they have the experience and the knowledge to correctly carry over your corporate branding into all of your corporate signage and with 20,000 sq ft of workspace, whether you operate out of a port-a-cabin or a city line skyscraper no job is too small.

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